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To E-bike or Not to E-bike

Why not? Just don’t call it cycling. Most models come with a throttle so your hand and wrist get most of the workout. It’s an around-town conveyance where, if you choose, you scarcely have to pedal at all.

Our first ebikes were cargo models. Those extra long bikes you see around with racks on the back. We thought they’d be great urban vehicles for going to the grocery store—and they were, except for being as heavy as baby elephants.

So we sold them and bought ones that look more like conventional bikes. No throttle or that removable battery that looks like a milk carton. The battery is concealed instead in the downtube. Clever. Much more stealth than the clunkers we used to have.

Also no throttle. They’re pedal-assisted instead, which appeals to my purist instinct. The legs have to go around. The other rule is you can’t count any of your ebike miles on your annual cycling total because it falls under the category of performance enchancement. Otherwise you’d be cheating and, as we all know, cycling is the only sport where nobody ever cheats.

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