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The Perfect Writing Office

Over the years we’ve tended to be fairly paripatetic. Lots of different houses, many different places to write. In San Francisco, where I first started with this snappy little short story enterprise, it was the dining room table.

Subsequently, after moving to the high North Coast of California, I had a pretty cabin a hundred yards from our house, surrounded by 150 acres of second-growth redwood. Then, a high, corner room in all-glass house on the side of the mountain above wine country in Sonoma County.

And now, finally, my little clubhouse here in Asheville, at the back of the house, at the top of the stairs, which ranks as my favorite.

It’s because I discovered that where you work should be a room you enjoy hanging out in as well as a quiet place to write. Accordingly, I’ve made space for other things besides books. Such as a variety of oddities Janet won’t allow anywhere else in the house. Also a little music-making studio in the corner of the room. I think it all keeps me in the game even when I’m not consumed with narrative. I’m more relaxed. It's a place where ideas happen even if they don’t make their way to the page. I can even do hacky stuff like this.

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