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Recent work

"Le Roi Soleil" in the
Chicago Quarterly Review
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"Bottle" in Boulevard
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"A Name for Everything" in the Hudson Review

You can read the entire story online here. Better yet, get yourself a print copy:

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"Last Supper" in Mission at 10th

"What a bad man."

— Leslie Meredith

Dystel, Goderich & Bourret

Sometimes fiction contains real people, as in this story, “Last Supper,” about French cycling great of yesteryear, Jacques Anquetil. Actually it’s more about Jacques’ wife, Jeannine, and a certain scandal they endured after Jacques’ retirement. The facts are out there. All I’ll say is it’s very French, very sixties. The emotional aftermath of the scandal is the untold part of  the story and thereby free for my conjecture. That’s what I chose to write about.


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In the Snow Forest

A stunning triptych.... Parvin's characters have a subtle American craziness, a wildness and unreachable-ness...
Los Angeles Times

Each of the three stories in this book is its own sweet masterpiece. Roy Parvin's the real deal.
— Antonya Nelson

Roy Parvin is an exciting voice. The power of these novellas is surprising, the writing is extraordinary.
— Rick Bass

[T]hese wonderful tales are like visions.
— Charles Baxter

The Loneliest Road in America

Parvin's stories possess a lyrical, mesmerizing quality, hypnotizing in its sweeter moments, haunting when bitter. . . . Parvin captures real life in these fleeting pages: an unforgettable collection, an awe-inspiring debut.
Publisher's Weekly starred review

. . .something wondrous grows in this most unlikely soil.
New York Times 

Yoga for the Inflexible Male

“An excellent introduction . . . fun and humorous . . . This book will help make yoga less intimidating, and it’s a great way to inspire the men you care about.”

— Namaste Nourished 

A Name
Last Supper
Snow Forest
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