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Roy Parvin

Perhaps the
st Short Story Writer
on Two Wheels



Cycling Stories




Roy Parvin is an award-winning fiction writer. Of his first book, The Loneliest Road in America (Chronicle Books), the New York Times said “. . . something wondrous grows in this most unlikely soil,” and Publishers Weekly called the book “an awe-inspiring debut.” Parvin’s second book, In the Snow Forest, a Barnes & Noble Discover book, further enhanced his reputation as a top-notch purveyor of short fiction. “Betty Hutton” from Snow Forest was included in the Best American Short Stories series. “Menno’s Granddaughter,” another novella from the book, was turned into a motion picture in France, Voyez Comme Ils Dansant, which won the Grand Jury Prize at the 2012 Rome International Film Festival.

   Parvin’s work has been recognized with a National Endowment for the Arts grant, the Katherine Anne Porter Prize in fiction, and a Bread Loaf Fellowship. He’s written about sleep as a columnist for Psychology Today and penned a humorous instructional yoga book for men, Yoga for the Inflexible Male (Penguin/

Random House) under the nom de namaste of Yoga Matt.
  Parvin is an avid lifelong cyclist, both as a bike tourist and racer. He lives in Asheville, North Carolina, with his wife Janet Vail and two dogs, Lucy and Little Daddy. When he is not writing, he’s usually riding.


for "Bottle" in Boulevard:

There's always a joy for me in seeing an artist I admire push out into new directions. Roy Parvin’s new work does that and somehow manages to contain all the marvelous qualities his work always has: the humaneness, the exactness, the utter precision and wisdom. It's fantastic.

for In the Snow Forest:

A stunning triptych. Parvin's characters have a subtle American craziness, a wildness and unreachable-ness.

Los Angeles Times

for The Loneliest Road in America:

These stories are always fresh, always surprising, deeply satisfying, and almost too beautiful to bear. 

Pam Houston

Matthew Specktor,
author of Always Crashing in the

Same Car


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