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and Other Work

In the Snow Forest: Three Novellas

Three novellas, each story with a different snowstorm.  Somehow the idea of using an atmospheric event, such as a blizzard, as a plot element appealed to me.  It gets everybody nicely in the room at the same time for dramatic purposes.  Nominated for a Pushcart Award. “Menno’s Granddaughter” was turned into a film by the great French film directeur, Claude Miller.

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The Loneliest Road in America

I took the creaky old writing saw to heart:  Write what you know.  My first collection was based in Trinity County, California where I owned a wilderness cabin on an old patented gold mine.  The story “Ice the Color of Sky” won  the Katherine Anne Porter Prize in fiction, which won Janet and me an all-expense paid trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

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Recent Work

"Last Supper" In Mission at Tenth


A story of mine, “Last Supper,” is in Vol. 7.   The story’s based on actual facts, for once—French cycling great Jacques Anquetil—and is from a collection of cycling-related stories called

Bicycle Shorts.  Very cool magazine.  Reminds me of the old TriQuarterlies when I lived in NYC.  Would get them at Brentano's, when bookstores were bookstores.  


Beyond the Golden Gate


Not my usual fare.  But I did get a green ’53 Chevy 3100 pickup from the deal.

Voyez Comme ils Dansent


Won the 2011 Grand Jury Prize at the Rome International Film Festival, before it had a chance to open in the US.  Out on video, for French speakers.  I have the only copy with English subtitles.  If you’re in Europe, it’s all over the tube on cable.  I get crazy royalty checks for it all the time.  Made more from that story that I wrote in thirty days than all my other books put together and then squared. 


I began this as an adjunct to the book I’m currently writing, My Year of Sleeping Dangerously: A Memoir.  Keeping with the theme of the book I was going to call the blog For Insomniacs and Other Wakers of the Night.  But I didn’t, operating under the suspicion it will widen past that to include thoughts about music, cycling, dogs, and various random ephemera.


For media inquiries: info@royparvin.net


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